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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Sending in the Calvary?

Armed Forces Chief's Loaded Warning Statement.

For the first time, the army is getting involved in the political state of affairs and government, and the comment by the AFC Tan Sri Abdul Aziz Zainal marks an unprecedented developments in BolehLand.

The report in The Star Today

Take stern action, urges Armed Forces chief
By IZATUN SHARI = KUALA LUMPUR: Armed Forces chief General Tan Sri Abdul Aziz Zainal has proposed that the Government take stern action against those who stoke racial sentiments. He said racial issues should not be raised as it could create chaos and disorder. "Racial issues are the most feared by security forces as they could lead to chaos. They are a security threat," he said at the Wanita Umno Hari Raya contribution presentation to the armed forces and the police at the Putra World Trade Centre here on Tuesday.
Speaking at the same event, Deputy Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Ismail Omar said street politics is under control and peace is upheld.
He added that the police force is in a state of readiness to face such occurrences.
"We are ready to work day and night, rain or shine, without food and drink to ward off such threats," he said.=The Star- Tuesday September 9, 2008 MYT 3:47:48 PM

What is the hint, message and signal to common citizens to all law abiding citizens Is the army allowed to make such comment or issue such statements? Has there been any blessing from the gomen, particularly the Minister of Defence or are they all overseas looking at sawi and kai lan being grown in Taiwan? Does this remark has the blessing of the Supreme Commander of the Malaysian Armed Forces, DYMM Agong?

Is it a veiled threat to anyone thinking of upsetting the status quo? Which groups are causing tension and threats to the peace and security of BolehLand? Thought the armed forces would train their attention to getting our hostages back in the Gulf than to issue such statements which smacks on interference and more concern is possibly rattling investor's confidence that the military will be poking its nose or rather the barrel of the gun into the civil and political affair of BolehLand? Is ABB and the DPM losing control or did they give their blessings?

If one scans the MSMedia, the group making the loudest noise and causing uneasiness are the BN parties while Pakatan has more important issue to focus on, Sep 16 for one? So every branch of government is issuing warning to troublemakers, but who are they? Politicians who cross over, Pakatan government who are carrying out populist policies, bloggers, RPK? MSM seem to portray the Pakatan as troublemakers while the gomen particularly the Home Minister is playing God, using the anti-Islam red flag to tag those who have differing views while the BN, namely UMNO have this delusion that the best way to retain power and status quo is to establish an Utopian society of BolehLanders who have a one track mentality, thinking and behaviour and an Orwellian society where Big Brother watches all and know all - this seems the way to fix things right!

As the dead Red leader MST said,(let me qualify what I am about to quote him that it is in the context of democracy that cannot be imposed or flourish at the barrel of the gun, lest I will be branded as a communist which I am not as I DO NOT SUBSCRIBE TO that ideology and I subscribe to the noble principles of democrary)"All political power comes from the barrel of a gun" and we hope this WILL NEVER BE THE CASE FOR OUR BELOVED COUNTRY which has enough laws to put anyone away for any conceivable action.

The army chief's statement surely adds more anxiety to the already muddled political scenario in BolehLand. Backbenchers going on study tours when 'Rome, I mean KL seems burning' with flames of anger from opportunitist parties and vested interest groups at insensitive politicians and its people suffering from inflation and making ends meet.

While the global economy seeks to find solutions to get out of the rut, BolehLand seems to be going into a rut as a solution to retain the 'status quo!' I feel I am living a day to day existence, unsure what tomorrow brings. Shame on the politicians and governments both BN and Pakatan who are using the citizens to justify their actions as well as pawns in their effort to consolidation their power or salvaging what is left. The BN is still trying to figure out what happened is it? Gosh with all the think tank (tanks included) they profess to have and what happened to the Anti to the Anti Inflation Council? they still have not really got into getting on with the business of governing. Why are they so cowed with the threat of defection or losing power on Sep 16 if they believe as they convince us that the rakyat has selected them to be the rightful government?

Pakatan is trying to chase one man's dream and also afflicted with the handicap of lack of funding from the federal BN controlled government to bring development because of the unfair allocation of federal budget. We have yet to see a collective effort to show we are Malaysians, even the Merdeka Celebrations were celebrated along political affiliations. This is so sick and we try to show to the world there is harmony and unity when the two governments can't put their differences aside to celebrate our independence together and each of them are now saying they contributed to the development of the nation! There is just NO RESPECT and TOLERANCE of each other, BN or Pakatan likewise!

So while each political party continues to be at loggerheads, one hopes that today's statement by the army chief will set them to look up and listen if the roar of tanks are rumbling into their courtyard to establish law and order. In what context this will happen is anyone's guess I suppose, but whatever the context WE MUST NEVER ALLOW THE TANKS TO ROLL INTO OUR STREETS OR THE ARMED FORCES BE USED against our own citizens, migrants or no migrants status it does not matter.

So we hope the gomen will clarify, what context the army chief's statement was made and whether it should have been said. We hope that sanity prevail and WE MUST NEVER JOIN the rest of our Asean brothers and the ranks of third world countries where the barrel of the gun is the rule of law and the army having a habit of conveniently meddling into civilian affairs. Do we want that? Not me...

So is the AFC's statement a gauntlet thrown at their feet of BN and Pakatan, bloggers, anti=Islamic elements, and all those deemed 'threats' to peace and harmony as identified by the Minister of Home Affairs, supported by the MSMediA and reinforced by specifically UMNOputras? Time will tell but how long is anyone's guess?

Potential Deadly Sting From The Scorpion?
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Monday, September 8, 2008

Comments Missing

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In Any Context I Am Right

So our AI is given blessings by his leaders he has done no wrong as he who also said the remark 'migrant' was said in a preMerdeka context... stating a historical fact!

OK I am a migrant, a second class citizen, a descendant of a long forgotten mandarin class from north or was it central china? such class distinction has no privilege in BolehLand, I am a migrant, one that was given citizenship courtesy of the sons-of-the-soil (sots).

No! no! the tribal groups have no right to be the first settlers here probably they came from somewhere while the sots are the first settlers of BolehLand-no one can debate or argue against this 'historical' fact at least according to the sots.

So when that UMNOputra sots Ahmad socked it to me that I am a migrant, who am I to argue, it's a historical fact. So the sots prefer to live in the past and relish the glory of their yesteryears, gloating in the supremacy of the Sultanate! stuck in the past and still believing being in a progressive modern era.

So using the same logic, one cannot brand his a 'racist' or insensitive to other races. Why all the huha about it if it was said in the 'context' of a historical fact. Since the government has put things in perspective, then no one is a 'racist' if we qualify it 'in preMerdeka, historical, hey what about archaeological or shall we throw in Jurassic context'!

So shall we start calling a particular group 'drunks' 'lazy' 'thieves' 'gangsters' 'thugs' 'mamaks' whatever and then protect our asses by saying 'in a historical context'.

So what about if we appeal to 'in a sociological context', in a 'religious context' 'in an anthropological context'? are we allowed to label groups using adjectives that fit into the 'context'.

Remember the Kera Jantan who labelled Hindraf supporters as 'beruk', what 'context' was he using? Well he has suddenly made himself as the most level headed politician reminding the elders to 'watch what you say' and they 'should not seek to be champions of their race merely to fish for votes during party elections' NST, Sep 8, 2008. OK he has short memory of what he did in P.Pauh but what he said cannot be construed as hypocritical because he is saying it 'in the context of the racial remark by Ahmad', right?


So let's forget having the Sedition Act, or ISA because one cannot be wrong 'in any context' right? Everyone is permitted to utter anything so long it's qualified by 'in the context of whatever!'

LIE-DAT oso-can ah!?

Saturday, September 6, 2008

A Return of the Dark Force

The Clown Wars

The past few days have seen some disturbing developments in BolehLand. Racism seems permissible only to those on the side of BN UMNOputra while others who are voicing their concerns of double standards are being threatened with the long arm of the law. Even the old sage Tun seem to feel that racism is the solution to ensure the survival and protection towards the bumiputras.

Is any race at threat from their rights and freedom taken away? Who are the culprits raising such sensitive issues on racism or the latest degrading Islam? Who are those people continuing to harp on race and religion?

BolehLanders by now have already sent a message on March 8 and Aug 26 that there are more issues at stake than race and religion. If race and religion were threatened, then the old guards BN in particular after 5 decades on championing racist policies should have retained their status quo. But it didn't.

Sadly today, the sore losers are again up-ing the ante on racism by uttering words that have stoke many a tension, mistrust, fear among the groups the slur is targetted. It's a vicious circle of treading salvos of crap at each group. Shame shame shame on our leaders whoever you are of using the racial card to hang on to your seat or to vie for power.

PM seem to tell BolehLanders it's time to fix things, get on with the business of governing-- but hey he himself is part and parcel to his bunch of paranoid ministers and party members who now seem to be using the government machinery to threaten, bully and paint an evil picture of Pakatan, bloggers and anyone who opposes these saints.

The double standard and sign of low self esteem and confidence are glaringly revealed in the following events:

1. Trying to cast doubt on the Pusrawi's doctor SD. Trying to convince the public the doctor wasn't harassed? It is odd that certain SD's are given more weight and attention than others. The queerest (pun intended) thing to arise from this Dr MOAH appearance is the remark from non other than our babber-the-nut as report in the local Chinese paper is whether the police would provide the doctor physical protection, this learned Hamid said since he had already appeared in the public, the issue of his safety was no longer existent.

May we also ask if the following important people safety are no longer existent since they did appear in public:
-anwar - soon to be in police protection in an 8x8 space?
- saiful - still under police protection?
- PI Bala - still MIB (Missing in BolehLand)
- Raja Petra - perhaps the world's most freest branded 'pariah' heretic, sued blogger, Muslim and Malaysian whose safety now is not guaranteed
2. Sending backbenchers on a lawatan sambil belajar, a disease that is prevalent with the civil service that turned out to be junket tours than anything educational. A tour not a coincident event we are told, to learn about growing food, which I suppose better than looking at toiets! And why the need to find out how China or Taiwan grow sawi and kangkong and pucuk ubi is it? This shows these formal attired pseudo 'farmers' don't even know the plight of farmers in their own backward or learn from local farmers what is wrong with our food production policies, correction Badawi's pet project that has become 'pet-food'.

3. The case of paranoiac fear of Sep 16 and sending our lawmakers down under as one of the holiday option tour we hear. Isn't it strange that we never get to hear of such educational visits until now? Hmmm why the sudden public announcement? It was a quiet affair when a previous administration visit some 'babi' farms in Europe. Perhaps vegetable farming is more halal! Good a sign of transparency to announce to the world they are going a farming we suppose right? And some kind soul is footing the bill and not a sen of BolehLander's money is touched. My foot tells me it smells better than this philanthropic gesture of some rich BN person. ACA should investigate where the money is from? Thought politicians don't earn much? Oh forgot it does not apply to BN guys.

Maybe the educational tour will give some an opportunity to scout for real estate in case Sep 16 materialises. Is it a sign they think they are going down under while they are down under?

4. And lately the increasing warning by our Minister of Hal Rumah, acting like an authoritative daddy as well as now a religious expert that the gomen through this Grand inquisitor will not hesitate to use the ISA, Sedition Act, arrests, cyber snooping, and other forms of threat on those who don't tow the BN line. This direct warning is a direct form of intimidation to the citizens and mark a return to the period where everyone either shut up or get shut away!

Stare Long Enough You'll
See who's Behind This Sh**

Are we witnessing the dark force descending soon on BolehLand, the revenge of the Sith to deal a blow against the Force of BolehLanders who are banding together to prevent those clowns from waging their war against the forces of freedom, justice, fairness, truth and of course the demise of being identified by race, religion or colour?

So be prepared for the Clown Wars and May the Force of goodness, justice and truth be with us. I guess they would interpret this to mean some kind of incitement is it, if they have the mentality of the Third Estate of the French Revolution? The fear is they are already developing such a mentality and if you know your French history, are we seeing the dark clouds of the 'Reign of Terror' ominously hovering on this beloved land of ours because they believe in maintaining the status quo and punishing anyone who oppose their way? Does anyone notice that the people in BN giving such warnings and making threat especially the politicians and Ministers are UMNOputras?

It's disturbing, really disturbing what has befallen BolehLand and the BN particularly the UMNOputra who is bringing the apocalyptic days nearer and into reality.

LIE-DAT oso-can ah!?